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What is PMQ and How Does It Crush Downtime?

Posted by Paul Solano on February 23, 2016

Identifying when your manufacturing assets need maintenance—and providing that upkeep and those repairs in a consistent and effective manner—is a more-than-full-time part of your operations.

Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) enables you to identify not only when your assets need scheduled maintenance according to the maker’s recommendations, it also helps you identify when maintenance is needed based on daily use. With PMQ, you can keep assets operating through critical times and you can save money by performing repairs only when needed.

So how exactly does PMQ help you crush downtime? Today's production assets are instrumented to collect and transmit vital data about factors such as operating temperature, frequency and duration of use, error codes deployed, etc. By pulling information in real-time from these data sources, using an IBM solution that employs integration and predictive analytics to identify operational patterns and anomalous behaviors, you can create predictive models to help you detect the greatest areas at risk for issues or fails. With this early warning system at your fingertips, you can more cost-effectively deploy tech resources when needed, and maximize equipment uptime. In short, you can turn predictions into work orders that let you take immediate or scheduled action to deter breakage and downtime.

PMQ also provides you with cost-saving benefits by giving you the tools you need to you analyze and better identify the root causes of equipment failure. Better understanding of your assets and their performance can help you minimize reliability issues, reduce inventory costs, predict warranty claims, and reduce or eliminate costly failures.

When you’re ready to crush downtime, contact Timbergrove Solutions, an IBM Advanced Business Partner. The skilled professionals at Timbergrove know what it takes to implement a PMQ solution to rescue you from crippling downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.    

Topics: Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

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