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Introducing Maximo Day 2 Support: Maximo expertise whenever & wherever you need it

Posted by Paul Solano on February 23, 2016


Timbergrove has announced at the IBM Interconnect 2016 conference, a new managed service for business – Maximo Day2 Support

For businesses that have installed and operate on the IBM Maximo Asset Manager platform, Maximo Day2 Support puts Maximo expertise directly in their hands. Maximo Day2 Support is comprised of knowledgeable staff who understand the Maximo technical environment and is supported by an infrastructure that allows us to monitor their infrastructure, answer first line questions, and escalate priority issues and more. For business users who use the platform and the IT departments that manage it, Timbergrove’s Maximo Day2 Support service helps minimize downtime, increase efficiencies and drive down costs.

Maximo Day2 Support services are provided by Timbergrove in alliance with LinkAmerica, an international, professionally managed, service-driven company.

Maximo Day2 Support is committed to providing custom, complete and cohesive, end-to-end service: we believe in building a strong relationship with our customers through dedicated points of contact who provide consistency, knowledge of and attention to your specific business needs.

We monitor your Maximo operating systems, data, and application as well as users, sessions, and logs to ensure timely reporting of performance downgrades, database issues, and configuration errors identified in the logs, and load or concurrent session issues. Our reporting keeps us accountable and helps to ensure your organization’s success. We provide monthly KPI trends, service reviews and improvement processes, as well as score card tracking.

Our support services were designed to ensure that every eventuality will be managed to your satisfaction. For more information, contact us at, or (281) 628-2139.

Topics: Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

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